Georg Brandner has always remained true to his own international success. He is authentic from the ground up – to use this buzzword. He remains in the process of finding, tasting, always re-starting, overcoming, surrendering … This is also based on decades of experience in dealing with materials, design principles and, not least, one’s own abilities, including the knowledge of oneself and the world ,

We can be curious what is to come.

Klaus Nicolai

Latent experiences of his biography, emotional creativity and will are the driving forces for the picture worlds in which the traces of the creation process became readable and in which intuitive, non-rational writing and scratch marks are involved.

Pater Laurentius U. Englisch

…your works are honest to death and have tremendous strength.

Above all the works have compositeness which one has to search for.

Roben Hammerstiel

The painter following the voices of his subconscious mind is on the way to new developments, which he very deliberately and consistently painstakingly implements.

Günther Jontes

In doing so the paint surface becomes „ again and again the area of tension of a dual power play which manifests itself to us in the expressive agitated bars of colour, concentrations and compressions as system and chaos, as ecstasy and style, dynamics and statics, form and formlessness.

Karl Heinz Schwarzmann

His glass sculptures are comparable to upright ice-blocks, in which a special pattern seems to be accidentally frozen in

Thijs Lenssen

Wrestling with one’s own statement, the effort of intellectual orientation against the background of his Upper Styrian home ordained by industry, finding one’s own themes and formal shapes in the framework of the contemporary art sought after by him and opening itself to hirn, characterise the artist Georg Brandner and his personal style.

Horst Schweigert

Georg Brandner’s energy charged paintings cannot hide a strong connection to a rhythm which could also be transcribed musically.

Günther Jontes

I have known Georg Brandner and his works since 2011 and am always amazed at the versatility of his artistic work, because despite the steady development, the very dynamic and energetic work has a high recognition value that is as important as it is indispensable on the art market.

Caroline Messelhäußer, M.A.